Sexy Costume for Halloween? Nah.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloweekend festivities! Halloween is the one night (or weekend) that everyone can dress up in whatever or be whoever they want. My favorite is looking at all of the creative costumes everyone wears, along with parents posting pictures of their kids and dogs in their outfits.

The one thing I’m not really on the same bandwagon with is sexy costumes. For me, I’ve never been really interested in them. Sure it would be cool to dress up and feel really confident and sexy for one night, but if I really wanted to, I could dress up in a sexy outfit whenever I want to.

I actually always find myself dressing up as strong female characters. For instance, this year I picked dressing up as Rey from Star Wars. She is the new badass Jedi in town who defeated the evil guy in the first movie (yeah I know she is not a redhead, but I’m making her be one for a night). A couple of years before, I picked Merida from Brave – one of the princesses who refuses to be treated like a typical girl in her time and who wants to have the same rights as a man. The last costume before that I was Ginny Weasley, another strong female character that helps defeat the bad guys in the amazing Harry Potter series.

For me, when I dress up as these characters, I feel like the most confident woman I could be. It’s like their badassery mentality is transferred to me when I put on their outfits. They are three characters that inspire me to become a better woman and help me understand that I can achieve anything as long as I work at it and fight for it.

So I could dress up in a sexy costume, but I’d rather do this.

Love – Worldly Redhead

6 thoughts on “Sexy Costume for Halloween? Nah.”

    1. Thank you for the like! A stormtrooper even though you spilled sauce on it is still an awesome costume. I read some of your blog posts and I thought they are so well written! I think you are really inspiring for sharing your sobriety and getting personal in your blog posts. Do you have any suggestions for me?


      1. thanks so much. In terms of writing my advice would be to always go one step further than the surface level. If i say i am prone to click on redheads that is a nice bit of information but doesnt tell you much. If i answer the question Why? I come up with the answer that in my 20s the great love of my life was a redhead named shawna. If i go further and ask why i think so fondly of those times it is because i was truly kind and patient and i liked who i was when i was with her if i ask why i initially loved her it is because she always made me feel accepted and important. Asking why just took a quick sentence and turned it into a 15 page story. If you are asking about sobriety go to alcohol support groups such as but not necessarily aa also write a history of your drinking career. I hope this helps

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      2. Thank you for your advice! I will definitely take it to heart and keep it in mind for the future. I agree that I definitely need to take it that one step further. In terms of the sobriety, it is not towards me but for someone that is close to me. They have struggled for a long time and it is nice to read a post, like yours, that shows me what is going on in their point of view and helping me understand more, so I appreciate that as well.


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