Welcome Fellow Twenty-Somethings!

This is a blog for all you twenty-somethings trying to learn to “adult”.

I graduated almost a year and half ago from college so I am still quite new to this whole “adulting” scheme. I learned quite fast that college does not prepare you for all the struggles you have to endure once you break out of the bubble that you have been enclosed in your whole life.

I was naive to think that I would immediately get my dream job or apartment once I graduated. Sometimes it happens like that immediately for some, but most of the time, like me, you need to hit some burdens before you can get to that stage. Do I have that dream job? Fortunately, yes. Do I have that dream apartment? Not quite, but hopefully someday. You learn to accept that sometimes all the things you dream of, don’t fall right into place all at once. It takes learning and some climbing to get to that point.

Just remember that it is ok if you are not on the same level as your friends or your fellow graduates. I certainly was one of the last of my friends to get a “big girl job” right after college. It took me almost 6 months before I landed a job. I know what you’re asking, did you wait until you graduated to find a job? No I didn’t. I started the beginning of my last semester and continued looking and applying through the semester while balancing (like many) school, my capstone project, an internship, friends/roommates, and a boyfriend. I continued after school and received rejection after rejection. For someone who always received straight A’s throughout their schooling days this was a HUGE dig to my ego.

Did it hurt? Oh yes. Did I struggle with this? Absolutely. Did I want to give up? Regrettably yes. I wish I could tell my past me that it is all going to be ok and to hang in there, even though those were the last words I wanted to hear at the time. But they are true. I am literally the outcome of those words. If I could do it, you can too.

As you can see, you learn a lot quickly, sometimes more quickly than you like – or at least more than I would’ve liked. So is putting calling myself “worldly” a little conceited? Maybe, but I also think I have become more wise since I graduated and will become a little more wise as the days go on.

I hope this little blog that I have created will provide you some tips on what I’ve found to work and what hasn’t. I am hoping you can take my tips and use them for the better before you end up making the same mistakes that I unfortunately have made. These tips can include topics on relationships, jobs, fashion, friends, cooking, etc.

Please feel free to comment and share. I would love to hear back from you all and maybe potentially share ideas with you!

Love – Worldly Redhead

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