Live On Your Own – Don’t Think, Just do

It has been about a year since I got that big girl job and had to move away from my hometown, parents, and friends. I have never been much of a homebody, and I knew that if I wanted to get a good/dream job, I would most definitely need to move.

It was a very frightening prospect that I would be moving away from a place that I have lived my whole life and leave the people I love most, to a place where I literally knew no one. The only person I did know was my boyfriend and we were originally supposed to live together right when I moved, but you know, shit happens and we decided it would be best if I got my own place.

So at this point in time, I literally could not rely on anyone – I was alone and on my own. I ended up having to move to my new home within four weeks. I also got into a car accident that totalled my car two weeks before I was to move. It literally felt like the world was telling me not to move because I had to find my own place relatively quickly AND I had to buy a new car. But did I quit? Absolutely not, because I knew this job was a fantastic opportunity and I knew I just had to go for it and hopefully have things fall into place.

To this day, I am incredibly grateful that I lived on my own for awhile. It taught me a lot about life and adulting really quick and it also helped me find myself, as cheesy as that sounds. So if you are still completely on the fence about getting out there and getting your own place, keep reading the benefits that I found when I took the plunge (Some benefits were because I didn’t need to shut any doors and I could perform my own concerts whenever I liked. JK, but not really).

You learn that money doesn’t grow on trees, like for real. You have no one else to help you pay the bills or someone paying the bills for you – it’s all you, honey. So in that sense, you learn to budget and you learn to budget fast. When you are trying to furnish your place the first few months, you will literally have no extra money. One way that I furnished my place was of course a little help from the parents, but if you ask around work, most likely you will find a lot of people that are trying to get rid of stuff. As the saying goes, their junk becomes your treasure. Theres also always Craigslist, and I found a lot of cheap well-made furniture on Amazon. You definitely learn to become quite the thrifty shopper.

You learn responsibility. Not only does money not grow on trees, but laundry and chores do not do themselves. You have to learn to juggle doing these necessary tasks with your schedule. You also will become a fabulous cook. My key was finding recipes on Pinterest that looked the least daunting and test them out. Most of the time they came out real good. All you literally need to do it just follow the recipe.

You have peace and quiet. You can literally do whatever you want whenever you want without anyone questioning you or disturbing you. You want ice cream for dinner? Do it. You want to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians all day long? There’s no one stopping you. Seriously, it can be an amazing thing, especially if you are an introvert like me. I get human interaction during the day at work and then have none when I come home from work. Beautiful.

You learn what you are capable of. To me this is the best benefit for living on your own. You literally learn that you are strong and don’t need anyone to take care of you because you got this. You will look around your place and just be like this is all mine. I made this possible. Yeah not going to lie, it does get tough, but it is worth it.

I could go on and on about all of the benefits, but when it comes down to it, the only person stopping you from doing it is you. So stop thinking and just get your own place already! You will thank yourself later and if your experience is anything like mine, you will grow and become a better person for doing it.

Love – Worldly Redhead

Sexy Costume for Halloween? Nah.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloweekend festivities! Halloween is the one night (or weekend) that everyone can dress up in whatever or be whoever they want. My favorite is looking at all of the creative costumes everyone wears, along with parents posting pictures of their kids and dogs in their outfits.

The one thing I’m not really on the same bandwagon with is sexy costumes. For me, I’ve never been really interested in them. Sure it would be cool to dress up and feel really confident and sexy for one night, but if I really wanted to, I could dress up in a sexy outfit whenever I want to.

I actually always find myself dressing up as strong female characters. For instance, this year I picked dressing up as Rey from Star Wars. She is the new badass Jedi in town who defeated the evil guy in the first movie (yeah I know she is not a redhead, but I’m making her be one for a night). A couple of years before, I picked Merida from Brave – one of the princesses who refuses to be treated like a typical girl in her time and who wants to have the same rights as a man. The last costume before that I was Ginny Weasley, another strong female character that helps defeat the bad guys in the amazing Harry Potter series.

For me, when I dress up as these characters, I feel like the most confident woman I could be. It’s like their badassery mentality is transferred to me when I put on their outfits. They are three characters that inspire me to become a better woman and help me understand that I can achieve anything as long as I work at it and fight for it.

So I could dress up in a sexy costume, but I’d rather do this.

Love – Worldly Redhead

Welcome Fellow Twenty-Somethings!

This is a blog for all you twenty-somethings trying to learn to “adult”.

I graduated almost a year and half ago from college so I am still quite new to this whole “adulting” scheme. I learned quite fast that college does not prepare you for all the struggles you have to endure once you break out of the bubble that you have been enclosed in your whole life.

I was naive to think that I would immediately get my dream job or apartment once I graduated. Sometimes it happens like that immediately for some, but most of the time, like me, you need to hit some burdens before you can get to that stage. Do I have that dream job? Fortunately, yes. Do I have that dream apartment? Not quite, but hopefully someday. You learn to accept that sometimes all the things you dream of, don’t fall right into place all at once. It takes learning and some climbing to get to that point.

Just remember that it is ok if you are not on the same level as your friends or your fellow graduates. I certainly was one of the last of my friends to get a “big girl job” right after college. It took me almost 6 months before I landed a job. I know what you’re asking, did you wait until you graduated to find a job? No I didn’t. I started the beginning of my last semester and continued looking and applying through the semester while balancing (like many) school, my capstone project, an internship, friends/roommates, and a boyfriend. I continued after school and received rejection after rejection. For someone who always received straight A’s throughout their schooling days this was a HUGE dig to my ego.

Did it hurt? Oh yes. Did I struggle with this? Absolutely. Did I want to give up? Regrettably yes. I wish I could tell my past me that it is all going to be ok and to hang in there, even though those were the last words I wanted to hear at the time. But they are true. I am literally the outcome of those words. If I could do it, you can too.

As you can see, you learn a lot quickly, sometimes more quickly than you like – or at least more than I would’ve liked. So is putting calling myself “worldly” a little conceited? Maybe, but I also think I have become more wise since I graduated and will become a little more wise as the days go on.

I hope this little blog that I have created will provide you some tips on what I’ve found to work and what hasn’t. I am hoping you can take my tips and use them for the better before you end up making the same mistakes that I unfortunately have made. These tips can include topics on relationships, jobs, fashion, friends, cooking, etc.

Please feel free to comment and share. I would love to hear back from you all and maybe potentially share ideas with you!

Love – Worldly Redhead